Suzanne Sandler

Styrelsekunnig VD

I am the Managing Director of The Stockholm Academy of Board Directors (SA). Until recently (2015-12-03) I also was CEO for the Swedish Academy of Board of Directors. SA is a non-profit organization, with the aim and object, to strengthen the performance and growth of Swedish businesses, and this by greater professionalism on company boards. The Academy is a nationwide network of more than 6,500 board members, executives, entrepreneurs, owners and other corporate governance specialists. Apart from promoting the role of directors, development of education programs, influencing the national decision making process related to corporate governance, SA arranges networking opportunities, seminars and offer extensive services to its members.

I joined SA in 2007, and have expanded SA’s operations extensively, both from an operational perspective and as an attractive organization for its members, but also to an organization that actively take part of European CG matters. Today, SA strives for, increased awareness of the importance of professionalism on company boards on an international level.

I have attended a wide range of training courses and earned various certifications and degrees in the field of management, communication, and leadership. Ambitious from an early age, I became a true, entrepreneur at the age of 9 years, taking on odd jobs and starting various small businesses, which led to several self-owned business. Nowadays, I run one business, besides being a renowned Managing Director for SA in Sweden. My commitment and deep interest in communication, business and leadership has given me various opportunities to work in a number of sectors, both as a small business owner and as an employee (management level).

Linköping, Stockholm

  • Uppdaterad för 3 år sedan

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  • Digitalisering
  • hållbar samhällsutveckling
  • Innovation



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